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Challenging traditional slickline rig ups and operating methods, and simplifying your overall PCE rig up.


Designed to make shallow-depth slickline operations more efficient, the WellHOP™ reduces operational risk, time, cost, and POB by achieving more repairs in a single well intervention campaign.

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One Package. One Campaign. One Result.

Achieves more Xmas Tree and DHSV repairs within a single campaign compared with conventional slickline

Frees up your platform schedule for value-adding well work

Requires a smaller footprint compared with conventional rig-ups

Challenging Traditional Slickline Rig Ups

Recognising the need for a more efficient solution to address shallow plug installation for xmas tree/wellhead repairs and DHSV remedial work, Wellvene developed the WellHOP™.

This shallow application slickline system challenges the traditional slickline rig up and operating methods by eliminating the need for a mast and separate wireline winch and simplifying PCE rig up without ever compromising well control requirements.

With no mast or wireline unit, the WellHOP™ allows Operators to move from one well directly onto the next well in a single lift, eliminating the rig down and re-positioning required with conventional equipment.

The system gives the option for SIMOPs where deck space can accommodate two systems if required, and the side-mounted winch system offers the same line speed, overpull and jarring capability seen with conventional wireline units.

Datasheet PDF

The WellHOP™ system in action

WellHOP™ in operation

WellHOP™ Animation

Safety Valve Remedial Package

WellVeX™ Straddle


Scale Remedial Package


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Achieving a Well Transfer in 40 Minutes- A North Sea Operator's First Use of the WellHOP™

May 2022