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Fishing Tools & Services

From supplying bespoke and product-based tools, to providing management and support, our team has a significant track record in successfully supporting complex heavy duty fishing operations.

Engineered Fishing Services

Service companies often own a sufficient fishing package comprising a standard or heavy-duty wireline unit and toolstring. However, a successful fishing operation requires personnel with a strong, focused and proven background in wire-deployed fishing operations that can confidently and competently coordinate operations from
onshore and at the well site.

Addressing the skills gap in fishing, slickline or electric line departments, we provide onshore Operations Engineers and Field Fishing Engineers to work alongside these teams and bring the skills required to engineer a solution that delivers a successful outcome for all parties.

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Standard and HD Releasable Spears

Combined Expandable Wire Finder

Position Indicator Tool

Standard and HD Releasable Overshots

Wire Grab

HD Max Contact Pulling Tool

HD Internal Max Contact Pulling Tool