Wellvene | Wellvene’s Plug Order Process
Nov 2023

Wellvene’s Plug Order Process

From initial query to final delivery, our plug order process, which incorporates design, manufacturing, testing, and qualification, ensures we take your intervention challenge and provide a tailored solution ideally suited to your operation’s requirements.

100% Part Inspection
Thoroughly examining all components, our team of experienced technicians will ensure that every part of your well intervention tool meets the highest safety and quality standards. So, you can be confident that defects are identified and rectified early in the process.

Tool Assembly
Combining detailed planning with meticulous quality control, the team assembles your tool in our state-of-the-art workshop. Following tried and tested methodology, we ensure all parts come together smoothly without complications or delays.

Interface Testing
To ensure tool compatibility, the team undertakes extensive interface testing to ensure all connections align without issue. This part of the process also includes testing the endurance of the tool so it can withstand operational forces and stresses from a variety of sources.

Test Fixture/Nipple Profile Installation
By conducting tests that satisfy the objectives of your well intervention operation, we help ensure that your plug installation will align with specific wellbore conditions and that the solution will be safe, durable and reliable.

Function Test/Set
A critical step in the well intervention process, the plug’s functionality is tested in line with its characteristics and intended application. By incorporating verification seal testing, we ensure your plug is fit for purpose and will provide a reliable solution for the long term.