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Sep 2021

Strategic Approach Brings Wellvene's Solutions to a Global Audience

No one could have anticipated the seismic shift that the pandemic instigated.

But, as Operators changed their priorities, we modified our solutions. And that’s what we’ve doing ever since.

We are still a relatively new player in the energy industry, having been established just four short years ago. But with our nimble and strategic approach, we continue to grow our team, expand our offering and bring innovative technology solutions to the well intervention market.

Wellvene's International Expansion

Working closely with established international partners, we have significantly expanded our global reach over the last three years.

Firstly moving into Australia, we began working with the oilfield equipment supplier R&D Solutions in 2018 following the successful design of a bespoke tool for one of their customers. Widely regarded as the “entry-point” for some of the world’s leading oilfield technology companies, this partnership has allowed us to enter and begin to grow our reputation in this prosperous region.

Subsequently, we identified opportunities in Norway, partnering up with highly-respected GS Oilfield Solutions AS (now GS Energy Solutions) to deliver services and technologies to the area that were currently serving the UK market.

Beyond Norway and Australia, we are also beginning to establish a presence in the Middle East, particularly in Qatar, and in the Far East in locations such as Malaysia.

Facility and Team Growth

To meet the demands of our international business growth, we recently moved to new premises in Dyce. Allowing more space for our growing team, the new location also provides a much larger space for manufacturing, assembling and testing the company’s ever-increasing range of tools.

The larger facility allows us to offer storage services for some of our clients’ downhole tools, which, through a recently-introduced Barrier Management Service, allows us to store, maintain and, where necessary, adjust equipment for compatibility to minimise clients’ spares and inventory requirements.