Wellvene | Deploying the WellVeX™ Plug to a Middle East Operator
Nov 2023

Deploying the WellVeX™ Plug to a Middle East Operator

Earlier this year, Wellvene was approached by a major Middle East Operator to optimise a Ball Drop Seal Assembly for use in the final stages of a new well completion program.

With a full understanding of the Operator’s objectives, we determined that the customer would make significant cost and time savings by replacing the OEM Hangar Plug Assy with a full WellVeX™ solution. The WellVeX™ Plug was installed, complete with a Ball-Activated Seal Sub (BASS), into the Tubing Hangar onshore, resulting in an operational time saving of two hours per well by removing the need to set the plug ‘open-hole’.

The WellVeX™ and BASS were circulated through, and the ball was dropped to create the required barrier. Following successful WellVeX™ and Xmas Tree pressure tests, the WellVeX™ was pulled ‘offline’ with a Solid Rod Lubricator System.

Features and Benefits

  • Qualified to API 14L – V0 (true bi-directional tested barrier)
  • 1 run to set, 1 run to retrieve
  • Short length, ideal for restricted lubricator capacity
  • Seal OD sized below plug body OD for protection while running in hole and providing ease of entry into seal bore
  • Ability to be retrofitted to ANY nipple profile
  • Run by core crew wireline personnel, reducing POB costs
  • Can be run on any conveyance method (Slickline, Eline, DSL, Solid Rod, etc.)

The Result

Multiple WellVeX™ packages were sent to the Operator to fulfil ongoing requirements and satisfy high activity levels. and, with field redressability being a unique feature of the WellVeX™, large volumes of redress kits have also been procured.