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Enhancing red zone management in the offshore industry, and derisking platform activity across a range of factors.


The Inter-Lift™ is a revolutionary safety system that eliminates the need to work under suspended loads during wireline operations.

Comprising a fail-safe, hydraulic ram connected to a specialised BOP and lubricator pump, the Inter-Lift™ can be supplied without a mast for standalone slickline operations and with a mast for mono conductor operations.

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Revolutionising Safe Operations in the Offshore Industry

Enables well-to-well transfer in a single lift

Eliminates working under suspended loads

Reduces time needed to rig-up/rig-down

Addressing an Industry-Wide Safety Challenge

Preventing accidents from dropped objects has been a core objective in the oil and gas industry for decades. The risk is consistently identified as the 3rd most common cause of fatalities or serious injury in the sector, and Operators are under ever-increasing pressure to minimise this risk to as low as reasonably possible (ALARP).

The most frequent occurrences of fatalities and injuries involving dropped objects occur in red zones, some of the most hazardous places to operate on a platform or drilling rig. Workers completing tasks in these areas must do so near moving machinery and often work under suspended loads that could present a dropped object risk.

With the Inter-Lift™, working under suspended loads is eliminated by eradicating the need for a mast, therefore removing the associated risks commonly encountered during rig-up/rig-down and in manipulating toolstrings.

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The Inter-Lift™ system in action

Inter-Lift™ - Key Features

Inter-Lift™ - Benefit to Operators

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