Wellvene | Products & Services

From initial design to final testing, we deliver quality assured equipment for the well intervention industry.


Engineered Well Solutions

Designing and manufacturing bespoke and product-based solutions for well completion, intervention, and integrity operations.

Flow Control Solutions

Offering a wide range of landing nipples, profile plugs and equalising devices to suit new and existing OEM profiles.

Safety Valve Remedial Services

Providing the industry with a single source solution to quickly reinstate functionality and production.

Intervention Services

Redefining deployment methods for platform slickline, e-line, and DSL based well intervention operations.

Plug and Abandonment Services

Delivering safe and efficient well P&A tool packages and bespoke solutions for ageing well stock.

Downhole Video Cameras & Caliper Inspection Services

Equipping you with a clear and accurate visualisation of your wellbore, we help you identify and solve issues faster.

Beyond our innovative products, we offer a range of complementary services.


Selectively formed to offer a team of highly experienced individuals, our Engineering Department has a vast knowledge of all aspects of design engineering for well intervention tooling and equipment.

Through years of offshore field and well engineering experience, our team of design engineers can respond to your intervention engineering challenges, delivering an innovative and cost-effective solution.

Manufacturing, CNC, Turning & Milling

With our comprehensive selection of in-house machines and inspection equipment, we offer CNC Turning, Manual Turning, Manual Milling and Finishing & Inspection to suit your tooling requirements.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure all materials, surface treatments and coatings meet the highest standards. All finished products are fully traceable and supplied in accordance with ISO 9001.

Pressure Testing and Qualification

At Wellvene's in-house pressure test bay, our experienced team ensures each tool is tested according to the specified test programme to meet our design specification and your operational requirements.

Offering hydrostatic and gas test services, we can qualify all manufactured components internally, and we will be refurbishing the pressure test bay soon to allow for qualifying 3rd party equipment.


Deploying the WellVeX™ Plug to a Middle East Operator

November 2023


Achieving a Well Transfer in 40 Minutes- A North Sea Operator's First Use of the WellHOP™

May 2022


Removing Stuck Retrievable Bridge Plug from Wellhead for Major North Sea Operator

May 2021