Wellvene | DHVI Apex 360 Memory - SSSV Inspection
Feb 2020

DHVI Apex 360 Memory - SSSV Inspection

Case Study – Sub Surface Safety Valve Inspection

DHVI’s Apex 360 Memory Camera is an extension of our existing memory platform. Equipped with a hemispherical lens, the Apex 360’s advanced software processing and image de-warping creates a full 360-degree side and down facing image of the wellbore. Full pan and tilt control and instantaneous panoramic images make the Apex 360 highly efficient in pinpointing wellbore problems. SSSV and gas lift inspections, tubing corrosion, and sand screen inspections are some common applications where side facing footage helps to reliably diagnose an issue. It can be safely transported via helicopter to offshore installations when used with alkaline battery packs, allowing for the equipment to be quickly mobilized should the need arise...

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