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May 2021

Partnering for Integrity Excellence - SwellStack Collaboration

In October 2019, Tendeka and Wellvene announced a new partnership with regards to its SwellStack offering.

This partnership has improved the original SwellStack significantly, which has undergone full qualification testing and has been successfully installed around the world. Today, Tendeka’s VP for Europe, Russia, CIS & Africa, Gillian King and Wellvene’s Managing Director, Bronson Larkins discuss the collaboration and how it can ensure maximised economic recovery for oil and gas operators.

What is the main challenge the SwellStack can help with?

Gillian: "We’ve had clients whose biggest producing wells have been shut in as they couldn’t achieve a test with a standard insert safety valve seal. The TRSSSV (Tubing Retrievable Sub-Surface Safety Valve) sealbore had suffered significant wireline damage which standard v-packings are not designed to seal in.

"The use of our swelling elastomer technology ensures we can seal in damaged bores (0.065”) eliminating the need for a costly, long lead straddle or workover. Our SwellStack is a simple, cost effective sealing solution, compatible with all OEM insert safety valves, for reinstating production in shut-in wells."

How does the SwellStack differ from other solutions on the market?

Bronson: "The Swellstack differs from other seal options as it has been purposely designed and qualified with worn and damaged seal bores in mind. As part of the design and qualification test procedure, an extensively damaged seal bore with a 0.125” wire tracked groove was manufactured to replicate the damage that TRSSSV seal bores are susceptible to during wireline operations, over the life cycle of the well.

"The qualification procedure ensured we replicated an offshore well scenario with an operating TRSSSV whereby fluid was applied via a control line to energise the SwellStack, form a seal within the damaged bore and then successfully tested. Fluid was then removed, and gas introduced to simulate valve closure and a gas cap forming across the TRSSSV at which point a further successful test was completed."

How do you think clients can benefit from the collaboration between Tendeka and Wellvene?

Gillian: "Tendeka’s patented technology for swellable O-rings covers the use of downhole swellable seals in any application where sealing is required within a landing nipple profile. We have 10 years of track record delivering thousands of oil and water swellable O-rings - designed specifically for each application ensuring maximum sealing capability throughout the life of the well.

"Used in combination with Wellvene’s extensive interventions experience and technology portfolio ensures a superior product and service for our clients. As a partnership, we are committed to delivering a quality product quickly."

Why should clients select Wellvene and Tendeka to support their DHSV operations?

Bronson: "Specialising in the provision of DHSV (Downhole Safety Valve) Remedial Tooling, Wellvene support operations on all size and types of OEM Tubing Retrievable and Wireline Retrievable DHSVs. The inclusion of the patented and proven Tendeka Swellable technology within the SwellStack design ensures our clients receive a Remedial Package that offers the best possible solution for their damaged seal bores.

"The SwellStack can and has been proven to be the difference between a well remaining closed in or being returned to production within a single campaign. With both our in-house design engineering and manufacturing capabilities, along with Wellvene’s extensive DHSV operational experience and knowledge, we are strategically placed to fully understand, evaluate and provide a tailored single source solution to meet all aspects of our customers’ DHSV operations."

The SwellStack product has been fully qualified to 15,000psi within both wireline and coil tubing tracked damaged seal bores for use in oil and gas wells, is field proven in over 200 wells and available off the shelf.